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Websites to Check out

Educational Websites

Online kids educational games: 

     Scholastic for kids aged 3-7:

     Scholastic for kids aged 8-12:

     The Kidz Page:

     Knowledge Adventure:

     Fun School Kaboose:

     Learning Games for Kids:


     ABC Ya:

     Sheppard Software:

     Fun Brain:


     Memory Games:

    Fun Learning Games:

Interesting Facts:

States & Capitals:

     50 States & Capitals map puzzles:

     USA Capitals:

     Geography quizzes:

     Tour the States Video:

     Wakko's 50 State Capitals Video:

Websites for our High Schoolers

Resources from the Missouri Dept. of Education:

More Resources from the Missouri Dept. of Education:

National Society of Collegiate Scholars:

Student Conservation Internships:

Listing of Colleges/Universities found in the United States:

Scholarships for College:

Online Educational Games:

Free GED Practice tests:

This site has information about taking the GED test as well as the placement test for TRCC:

Three Rivers College (TRCC):

ACT Testing :